O cor soave. The Philippine Lauds - 2009 - Spirto Gentil (1997-2010)

Spirto Gentil (1997-2010)


N. 51

O cor soave. The Philippine Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Year: 2009
Editor: Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo - distr. Universal Music

What an impact of beauty and truth these have songs in us! What intense, living devotion they provoke in us. They move us to sincere and profound piety. The Philippine pietas is the only true popular pietas of the sixteenth century. St. Philip Neri was able to arouse a genuine religious spirit, and these songs are the expression of a deep and extremely simple heart.
From the origins of our history, we have been singing, and we have let ourselves be accompanied by this sensitivity, which we recognized at once as an educative factor for our hearts, for the freshness, vivacity, and truth with which words and music favour imagination and self-identification, and bring the figurers of Christ and Our Lady alive before our eyes, reawakening our awareness, and giving voice and sound to our hearts, to our entreaty.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)

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