Fr. Carron's letter to all friends in the Movement - Julián Carrón

Fr. Carron's letter to all friends in the Movement

Julián Carrón Letter


Dear friends,

The meeting with the Pope in St Peter’s Square, on June 3rd is still vivid in our memory. I would like to take a fresh look with you at what happened.

The gesture of prayer that we lived with all the movements together with the Holy Father was an entreaty to the Holy Spirit. It is not purely casual that he chose this style of meeting. We can find this meaning for this choice in the Homily of the Mass of Pentecost, in which Benedict XVI expressed the conviction that “missionary effectiveness” does not depend primarily on careful programming and its subsequent intelligent application through a concrete commitment,” but firstly, before any answer of ours, on the initiative of Him who is “the true protagonist of the Church”: the Spirit of Jesus. So what we need is this Spirit.

All of us present in St Peter’s Square perceived that this is truly the case, when we heard the Pope say what the work of the Spirit is: “The Holy Spirit, emanates from him and enters our hearts, thereby uniting us with Jesus himself and with the Father.” Is it not this belonging, closer every time, what we all desire? Only our letting ourselves be drawn into Him can enable the Spirit to bring life, freedom and unity to fullness. So the Pope has shown us the way.

He said, “We find life in communion with the One who is life in person - in communion with the living God.” This communion with Christ so fills our heart as to make us free, able to “show others by our lives that we are free.” In this way, through His Spirit, He builds up his Body, generating that unity that encounters the word and transforms it.
I ask you to take up again among you the words the Pope spoke to us, asking the Spirit that all he has told us become more and more our own, since we are the first who need that true life and that true freedom. We all know the awareness Fr. Giussani had of the urgency of this entreaty to the Holy Spirit, because of the insistence with which he invited us to repeat the prayer: “Veni Sancte Spiritus., Veni, per Mariam.”

Only in this way can we contribute to the Church’s mission, answering the Holy Father’s appeal: “Dear friends, I ask you to collaborate even more, very much more, in the Pope's universal apostolic ministry, opening doors to Christ.”

With friendly affection,

Fr. Julián Carrón

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