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Only Christ Can Fill My Life

Mauro, Dublin

7/17/2020 - The health crisis has paralyzed his language school. An employee asks him, "How can you wake up in the morning not knowing if it is going to end well?" To answer, Mauro remembers the time when he and Margaret slept on a bench…

Thirty-four years ago, I opened a language school in Dublin. We had to close because of the health crisis and, to date, we have still not been able to reopen, either because of government restrictions or because of the international conditions upon which a society like ours is totally dependent. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the conditions under which the school will be able to restart. Our whole sector is in serious crisis and our school, like others, is fighting for survival.

Before the lockdown, we had one hundred employees. Now we only have 18. The others receive help from the government. I have never worked so hard: every morning I get up and try to find solutions, but I still do not know if or how everything we have built will come out of the crisis unscathed.

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