Obituary - Julián Carrón


Julián Carrón Avvenire - Corriere della Sera

9/1/2012 - Milan, the Death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

Father Julián Carrón and all of Communion and Liberation participate in the pain of the Ambrosian Church, and the Church as a whole, at the passing of

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

Thankful for your ecumenical passion, pursued as full horizon of the Christian experience and as source of peace in the world.
Thankful for your impetus to share the material needs of your fellow men. Thankful that you accepted, with the true paternity of a pastor, that the movement could live in the diocese of Milan, a sign of supreme charity for Father Giussani.
We ask you to pray to Christ – who, in the Incarnation, took definitive possession of life and of history – for the conversion of each one of us. May the Madonna of Caravaggio introduce you into the Celestial Jerusalem that you so desired.

Milan, August 31, 2012


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