Way of the Cross 2024

Dublin - Phoenix Park - March 29, 2024

The Way of the Cross - led by the meditations of Most Rev. Dermot Farrell, Archbishop of Dublin and accompanied by the choir of Communion and Liberation - will be in Dublin's Phoenix Park on Good Friday, 29th March 2024 at 12pm.

The Way of the Cross, in the heart of a city where thousands of people carry their daily cross, most of the times dreadfully alone: If God exists, He has nothing to do with my daily life. This is the true cross of every day, the cross of a person abandoned only to himself in his most inner need for a never-ending love, truth, beauty, and justice.

We need the presence of “God-with-us,” Jesus, every day. And Jesus, because of the sacrifice of His cross and because of His resurrection, dwells among us, every day.

The procession proceeded from the Wellington Monument to the Papal Cross.

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