Letters from the World #1 - ARTICLES

Letters from the World #1

2/7/2021 - In this column, we would like to share some letters published on the CL website. Our hope is that, through the words of these friends, the reader could see “in action” that is possible live a fullness of life

We would like to propose here two letters that were published in the CL International Website which really moved us.

The first one is from a man who lives in Tokyo (Japan), while the second one is from a woman who lives in Rome (Italy). Both letters moved us because they show that it is possible to look at the most challenging and dramatic circumstances (like the ones that Covid introduced in our daily lives) as an opportunity to start a journey to discover the true nature of ourself, what really can sustain us. It is amazing to “see” how this discovery can truly change the way we live.

First Letter: "Tokyo: Companionship is at the depth of the I"

Second Letter: "My dialogue with God, with the respirator on"

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