Letters from the World #2 - ARTICLES

Letters from the World #2

3/10/2021 | 15:49 - In this column, we would like to share some letters published on the CL website. Our hope is that, through the words of these friends, the reader could see “in action” that is possible live a fullness of life

We would like to propose here another letter that was published in the CL International Website which really moved us.

It is a letter from a mum who tells about her relationship with her son. The letter moved us because it shows someone who, through the dialogue with her own son, discovers something more attractive, more desirable for her life than the attempts of control through which she (as all of us do) try to face uncertainty and fear in her daily life. She is "regenerated" by the relationship with her own son.

"Mom, I'm a Happy Child"

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