Letters from the World #4 - ARTICLES

Letters from the World #4

2/25/2023 | 15:03 - "Trevor’s face is a new beginning for us now, in an even deeper way than it was when he was alive. It is a reliable reminder of the mystery of God. "

On December 10, our 18-month-old son Trevor died suddenly. He came down with a mild, run-of-the-mill illness on the 9th, and by 9 am the next day, he was gone. It turns out that he had a rare, invasive form of strep that can cause rapid death in certain isolated cases. He’d been a remarkably healthy kid, and we never suspected that anything serious was happening until it was too late.

You can read the letter from Rosie and Sean Wood (who lost their son Trevor suddenly in December) on the CLCanada Website.

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